Price is dependant upon delivery area. Please call (734) 524-9380 or 1-800-Lawn-Fun for a quote to the city of your choice.

We serve all of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, as well as portions of Monroe, Livingston and Washtenaw counties in the Metro Detroit area.  Please check the Delivery Area section of this website for a complete alphabetical list by city.

We reserve the right to refuse delivery to any area where our drivers may be in danger at any time for any reason.  We do, however, make every effort to deliver to every household in our general delivery area. If we cannot make a delivery, we will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible between the hours of 9:30am and midnight.

Normal delivery time is overnight between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.  We make every effort to deliver every display between those times, as well as accommodate special requests, but we cannot guarantee delivery time. Refunds and discounts will not be made if delivery is outside specified times, especially during inclement weather and winter.

Daytime delivery is available, but requires a 4-hour window and is an additional $25 charge with notice of 4 days in advance.

Pickup is anytime after 7:00 p.m. except in special circumstances, such as inclement weather, impending inclement weather, or if our display is in danger of damage, theft or vandalism, at our discretion. We may pickup displays early at the request of the client, homeowner or authorities, but refunds and discounts will not be given once delivery is made.  Displays at businesses may be picked up after the business is closed.

Sorry, but we cannot make deliveries during daylight hours on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day or Easter Sunday so our drivers can spend time with their families.  We still make deliveries overnight during these holidays - we deliver 365 nights a year!

NO backyard setups.  Side yard setups can be accommodated only for corner lots and only if the area is unfenced.

We cannot be responsible if your event day experiences high winds or severe weather. All of our displays are weather-proof, but Inflatables and tall displays are particularly vulnerable to high winds.  Refunds or discounts can not be made in cases of weather, theft, vandalism, equipment failure, etc.

If we attempt to make a delivery, but were given erroneous information, or if we attempt to pickup, but our items have been moved or are otherwise inaccessible to us (such as in a back yard), there will be an additional charge of $25 if we have to make an additional trip to complete the job.

Stolen and vandalized items will be reported to local authorities.