Better Than A Greeting Card - Flamingos by the Yard!

Our Flocks are a Hoot!  

New Baby, Baby Shower

Wedding, Bridal Shower
Goodbye, Good Luck
Father's Day, Mother's Day
Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day

Welcome Home
Grand Opening
Thank You
Party, Luau
& More

A Sign announcing your event (such as Happy 40th Birthday) accompanies every display.
Please note:
the number of items in each display depends on the display you choose, not the number of years you are celebrating.

Displays can be personalized with a name for only $10 more.

Each picture in the albums below describes the approximate size of each item and how many items are included in the display.

Regular Displays

All items are mix and match.

Inflatable Displays

Please note the size of Inflatables. They require a continuous outdoor power source. 

New Baby Announcements

Can include a keepsake name sign.
Announcements are for 4 days

Graduation Displays
Grad Kids include a half order of any smaller items